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Most Popular FAQ`s

Most TOPLINK Mobile WiFi Router are using as the default Gateway IP. And default gateway password is admin

1) Enable the USB Connection between device and laptop

2) Open Internet Explorer, enter into URL bar

3) Enter password= admin, and click Login

You can find default WiFi SSID and passpord at the backside sticker. If you not like, you can change it same like below:

Note: You can follow the above steps to set a New SSID and strong secure
WiFi password. Log in WEB UI> Wi-Fi Settings> Main SSID >
type in new SSID & Password > Click to save it

When your router not working at your first time using, you can change APN setting to fix it.

Note: You can follow the above steps to set a APN setting when the device maybe not use correct APN. Log in WEB UI> Network Settings> APN >

Choose “Manual” > Click “Add New” > Type the correct APN > SAVE
* If you don’t know your APN, you can search “Your SIM Operator APN”
in For example, seach “Africell APN in Uganda”

USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) is a Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) protocol that is used to send text messages. USSD is similar to Short Message Service (SMS). USSD uses codes made up of the characters that are available on a mobile phone.

Note: You can follow the above steps to send a USSD Code when you need it.
Log in WEB UI> USSD > Type USSD > Click “Send” .

Note: You can follow the above steps to Restore the factory setting:
Log in WEB UI> Advanced Settings> Others >Reset Factory Settings,
click “Yes” to continue,and it will restore factory settings.
Reboot: WEB UI> Advanced Settings> Others >Restart Device, click
“Yes” to continue, it will reboot.

Click on Data Management and enter into, then you can set the daily, monthly statistic plan. As shown, you can create a flow plan and appy.

Network settings interface includes network connection and wireless network settings.

Connection Mode:

In the connection mode interface, there are two optional connection mode: automatic and manual

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