1. Safety Information

This section contains important information about the operation of your device. It also contains information about how to use the device safely. Read this information carefully before using your device. 

Electronic device

Do not use your device if using the device is prohibited. Do not use the device if doing so causes danger or interference with other electronic devices.

Interference with medical equipment

  • Follow rules and regulations set forth by hospitals and health care facilities. Do not use your device where prohibited.
  • Some wireless devices may affect the performance of hearing aids or pacemakers. Consult your service provider for more information.
  • Pacemaker manufacturers recommend that a minimum distance of 15 cm be maintained between a device and a pacemaker to prevent potential interference with the pacemaker. If using a pacemaker, hold the device on the side opposite the pacemaker and do not carry the device in your front pocket. 

Areas with flammables and explosives

  • Do not use the device where flammables or explosives are stored (in a gas station, oil depot, or chemical plant, for example). Using your device in these environments increases the risk of explosion or fire. In addition, follow the instructions indicated in text or symbols.
  • Do not store or transport the device in containers with flammable liquids, gases, or explosives.

Operating environment

  • Avoid dusty, damp, or dirty environments. Avoid magnetic fields. Using the device in these environments may result in circuit malfunctions.
  • Keep the device away from electronic appliances that generate strong magnetic or electric fields, such as a microwave oven or refrigerator.
  • During thunderstorms, power off your device to protect against lightning strikes.
  • Do not use your device during thunderstorms to protect your device against any danger caused by lightning.
  • Ideal operating temperatures are 0 to 40. Extreme heat or cold may damage your device or accessories.
  • Keep the device and accessories in a well-ventilated and cool area away from direct sunlight. Do not enclose or cover your device with towels or other objects. Do not place the device in a container with poor heat dissipation, such as a box or bag.
  • To protect your device or accessories from fire or electrical shock hazards, avoid rain and moisture.
  • Keep the device away from sources of heat and fire, such as a heater, microwave oven, stove, water heater, radiator, or candle.
  • Observe local laws and regulations, and respect the privacy and legal rights of others.
  • Stop using your device or applications for a while if the device is overheated. If skin is exposed to an overheated device for an extended period, low temperature burn symptoms, such as red spots and darker pigmentation, may occur.
  • Do not touch the device’s antenna. Otherwise, communication quality may be reduced.
  • Do not allow children or pets to bite or suck the device or accessories. Doing so may result in damage or explosion.
  • The device should be installed and operated with a minimum distance of 20 cm between the radiator and your body.
  • Keep the device in a place with good reception. The distance between the device and other metal materials (such as metal brackets or metal doors and windows) should be greater than 25cm and the distance between the device should be greater than 30cm.

Child’s safety

Comply with all precautions with regard to child’s safety. Letting children play with the device or its accessories may be dangerous. The device includes detachable parts that may present a choking hazard. Keep away from children. The device and its accessories are not intended for use by children. Children should only use the device with adult supervision.


Using an unapproved or incompatible power adapter, charger or battery may cause fire, explosion or other hazards. Choose only accessories approved for use with this model by the device manufacturer. The use of any other types of accessories may void the warranty, may violate local regulations and laws, and may be dangerous. Please contact your retailer for information about the availability of approved accessories in your area.

Power adapter safety

  • The power plug is intended to serve as a disconnect device. For pluggable devices, the socket-outlet shall be installed near the devices and shall be easily accessible. Unplug the power adapter from electrical outlets and the device when not in use.
  • Do not drop or cause an impact to the power adapter. If it is damaged, take it to an authorized service center for inspection.
  • If the power cable is damaged (for example, the cord is exposed or broken), or the plug loosens, stop using it at once. Continued use may lead to electric shocks, short circuits, or fire.
  • Do not touch the device or the power adapter with wet hands.
  • Doing so may lead to short circuits, malfunctions, or electric shocks.
  • If your power adapter has been exposed to water, other liquids, or excessive moisture, take it to an authorized service center for inspection.

Cleaning and maintenance

  • During storage, transportation, and operation of the device, keep it dry and protect it from collision.
  • If the device is not going to be used for an extended period of time, power it off.
  • If anything unusual occurs (for example, if the device emits smoke or any unusual sound or smell), immediately stop using it, power it off and contact an authorized service center.
Before you clean or maintain the device, stop using it, stop all applications, and disconnect all cables connected to it. Do not use any chemical detergent, powder, or other chemical agents (such as alcohol and benzene) to clean the device or accessories. These substances may cause damage to parts or present a fire hazard. Use a clean, soft, and dry cloth to clean the device and accessories.

2. Warranty Notice

Toplink Technologies Co., Ltd. represents and warrants that the customer’s unit and its accessories under normal use during the warranty period is free from error, improper or inferior workmanship, material, and design.

To the Customer

This warranty is subject to the following terms and conditions:

1. Warranty period

  • Host/Device: a period of 12 months from the date-of-purchase.
  • Battery & Charger: a period of 6 months from the date-of-purchase.
  • Other accessories: a period of 6 months from the date-of-purchase.
In any case, such warranty periods of product shall not be longer than 12 months from manufacturing date by the Supplier unless other valid documentation or information about the date and place of purchase is available.

2. This Warranty does not cover damage resulting from:

  • Normal wear & tear of the equipment;
  • Defects and damages due to the equipment being used other than its normal and customary manner;
  • An unauthorised disassembly, repair, alteration or modifications being carried out;
  • Misuse, abuse, negligence or accident howsoever caused;
  • Defects or damage arising from improper testing, operation, maintenance, installation, or any alteration or modification
  • Defects or damage due to spillage of food or liquids, corrosion, rust or the use of wrong voltage;
  • Scratches or damage to plastic surfaces and all other externally exposed parts that are due to normal customer use.

3.This warranty will be null and void in any of the following events:

  • If the serial number or warranty seal on the equipment has been defaced or removed
  • If any term contained in this warranty has been altered or modified in any way without prior written consent of TOPLINK
  • Without any POP (Proof of Purchase).
  • Please show this warranty card and purchase invoice for availing free service/repair.
Keep the device and accessories dry. Do not attempt to dry it with an external heat source, such as a microwave oven or hair dryer. Avoid collision, which may lead to device malfunctions, overheating, fire, or explosion.
  • Do not expose your device or accessories to extreme heat or cold. These environments may interfere with proper function and may lead to fire or explosion.
  • Do not place magnetic stripe cards, such as credit cards and phone cards, near the device for extended periods of time. Otherwise the magnetic stripe cards may be damaged.
  • Do not dismantle or remanufacture the device and its accessories. In case of damage, contact an authorized service center for assistance or repair.

Disposal and recycling information

This symbol (with or without a solid bar) on the device, batteries (if included), and/or the packaging, indicates that the device and its electrical accessories (for example, a headset, adapter, or cable) and batteries should not be disposed of as household garbage. These items should not be disposed of as unsorted municipal waste and should be taken to a certified collection point for recycling or proper disposal. For more detailed information about device or battery recycling, contact your local city office, household waste disposal service, or retail store. Disposal of the device and batteries (if included) is subject to WEEE Directive Recast (Directive 2012/19/EU) and Battery Directive (Directive 2006/66/EC). The purpose of separating WEEE and batteries from other waste is to minimize the potential environmental impacts and human health risk of any hazardous substances that may be present.

Disposal and recycling information

This device is compliant with the REACH Regulation [Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006] and RoHS Directive Recast (Directive 2011/65/EU). Batteries (if included) are compliant with the Battery Directive (Directive 2006/66/EC). For up-to-date information about REACH and RoHS compliance, please visit the web site

EU regulatory conformance

Hereby,Toplink Technologies Co., Ltd. declares that this device is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC. The following marking is included in the product:
This device may be operated in all member states of the EU. Observe national and local regulations where the device is used.
This device may be restricted for use, depending on the local network. Restrictions in the 2.4 GHz band: