Model No:
    Signal Booster CSB1
    B1, B3, B8
    Network Speed:
    15x powerful coverage
    64 Users

    Signal Booster CSB1

    Signal Booster CSB1 developed by TOPLINK R&D team, is a mobile signal repeater with high intelligence and excellent technical index. It is equipped with electronic devices and RF components originated from international famous brands, the repeater’s excellent technical index and performance are guaranteed even from the circuit design.

    Besides its elegant appearance, compact size and easiness to install and maintain, it has an output power of 20+2dbm with enable the device to cover an area of 40,000 sq Ft with proper installation and operation. That makes it an excellent option to solve weak signal problems for homes, offices, elevators, basements, etc

    Features of products:

    • LCD display of operatiing figures.
    • Real time isolation check and alarm
    • Support 2G 3G 4G(B1 B3 B8), UL freqency(890-915/1710-1785/1920-1980 Mhz), DL Freqency (935-960/1805-1880/2110-2170 Mhz)
    • Self oscillation elimination, auto degrading of output power in case of insuffcient isolation detected.
    • Auto turn-off, in case of excessive self oscillation or over input
    • Idle turn-off, auto turn-off of uplink while no active users in the coverage, lowering interference to BTS.
    • ALC, auto control of output power, ensuring stable coverage.
    • Linkage between uplink and downlink gain, keeping uplink and downlink balanced.
    • Compact size, low power consumption and easy to install


    • Installation Diagram


    • Technical Parameters

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