Model No:
Signal Booster CSB0
B1, B3, B5
Network Speed:
10x powerful coverage
32 Users

Signal Booster CSB0

The 4G Signal repeater is an extremely efficient device which used to make up the less coverage and expand the scope of base stations, cover the blend area of mobile phone network.

Signal repeater is suitable in which the weak or blind mobile signal location, such as remote mountainous, residential area, underground shopping mall, parking lots, supermarket, hotel, elevator, home, office, industrial and mining enterprise, etc, working for indoor mobile phone signal amplification.

There is a significant improvement for a drop calls caused by weak signal which blocked by mountains or buildings. Using a signal repeater is the most economic and effective way to improve the mobile phone signal and eliminate drop calls.

Features of products:

  • Suitable for all kinds of small indoor weak signal or blind area.
  • Improve the coverage of receiving and transmitting cellphone signal.
  • Easy and flexible installation.
  • High anti-interference ability with advanced digital filtering technique.
  • Mini design with enviromental protection.


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