Wi-Fi chips shortage & how to do?

The “chip shortage” has flooded the entire semiconductor industry, and Wi-Fi chips are not spared. Taiwan’s Netcom chip supplier said outright that the terminal Wi-Fi module in 2020 about 3.5 U.S. dollars selling price, the current 3Q transaction price has directly increased five times but still in short supply.

According to industry media reports, the phenomenon of tight demand for Netcom chips has been going on for some time, but in a situation where everyone has no goods to deliver, it has instead boosted downstream customers to stock up.

Take Taiwan’s industrial computer vendors for example, in the past they may only need a thousand network chips a month, but most customers are currently placing orders for thousands of them to the factory every month. Making capacity even tighter.

According to IDC estimates, WIFI chip shipments will reach 5.3 billion in 2022, containing huge business opportunities.

For this reason, Signalinks has prepared enough chips to solve the delivery problem.

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